Typical Project

SF01_top_view_focus Our typical project for a one-family house is a classical-look design, typical for a North Italian town. The building design and the internal lay-out may be both adapted to the plot’s size and the customer’s preferences.

The structural construction material is a heavy-mass sandwich of wood, isolating rockwool Xylon-Montecchio-web-1and  painted planks – 35 cm thick plus a mildew-barrier – to ensure a high thermal inertia. The heating circuit is powered by a heating pump with a noiseless low-speed airflow, which might be backed up by a pellet stove at customers request.

The heating pump operates the Ventilated Heating Recycle (VHR) with a heating recovering feature to get the most of the free heat from the insiede.

287-PV-roof-top-web_miniThe house is powered by a 4,5 kW roof-top solar plant for about 80% of the total draw over the year, and a 5 kW generator for the remaining 20%, basically during the winter months.

A rack of batteries allows for 10-hour back-up at an average load while ensuring the balancing of the two sources during charge-discharge cycles.

Options are available for the heating system – such as electrical panels, pellet-fuelled stoves – as well as the back-up source (de-rated power grid connection, micro cogenerator) according to the location and the customers requirements.

For further information please contact us here.

Here is the system’s graphical scheme, the item list of the off-grid hybrid system, the electrical scheme (draft), and the daily/yearly power-trend diagrams:

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