About us

soci_640OneBuilding is a company of professionals with experience in renewable energy, architectural design, heating systems engineering. The group is based in Italy and has operations across Europe, South America and North Africa, directly and through affiliated partners.

We deliver design and turn-key power systems for off-grid residential applications. The power system designs are integrated with heating and energy-efficiency features for a complete and cost-effective result.


    1. Dear Anthony, the building technology applies everywhere since heat isolation and energy saving are required in cold as well as hot climates. The building materials can be purchased partially from local sources. If you believe there are opportunities for a development we might discuss it further. Kind regards. MB

      1. What will be the cost of one such prefab wooden house energy self-sufficient ? Can we build one prototype as a show piece to attract buyers in Ghana?

  1. Please contact me regarding off grid and on grid storage systems for use with renewable energy systems. I can show you how to reduce or eliminate diesel use with renewable by incorporating our batteries into your energy systems.

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