JuiceBox Energy Storage start-up in the US market

Energy storage start-up JuceBox has entered the competition for storage systems among Tesla, Sonnen and (soon to come) ABB with what they claim is an easier-to-install product.

The first JuiceBox system, an 8.6 kWh lithium-ion storage system is addressing residential and small scale commercial buildings. The JuiceBox is integrated with a full-featured commercially available inverter/charger and can be deployed in parallel for higher power and energy needs.  The system is designed to support grid-tied, grid isolated in the event of grid failure, and off-grid configurations.

The system is also ready to provide grid services such as demand response, potentially improving the business case for installation.

The battery chemistry selected by JuiceBox is a lithium-ion Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) supplied by Samsung. The JuiceBox system delivers a minimum of 4000 cycles and 10-years of operation with this cells with 4 kW rated power in 2 hours discharge and 5,5 kW of maximum power

All JuiceBoxes are connected to the Cloud through a robust, secure cellular connection. There are no fire walls or router issues to deal with for installers and homeowners.

As of the price tag, according to an Energy Storage release “End users currently pay in the region of USD $12,000 for the JuiceBox system, including a $9,900 battery pack with Samsung SDI cells and a 30% Federal tax credit, Schneider Electric inverter, installation, wiring and so on.”

Assuming installation and overheads account for $1,500 the storage system alone is priced at $8,400 – which is less than $1,100 per kWh of real power (8 kWh) – a big deal below Sonnen and Tesla, according to the prices releases here. Good news for installers and consumers.

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