A new project of a prefabricated wooden house energy self-sufficient

A new prefab wooden house project from OneBuilding. The project is designed to be energy self-sufficient specifically in mild climates areas but is easily adaptable to a wide range of latitude and climate situations.

The concept includes specific features to make manufacturing, logistics and installation as easy and seamless as possible. The walls are made of multiples of 62,5-cm-wide panels to provide for production automated systems and are assembled in multiples of 2,45 meters to meet transportation requirements.


The roof orientation and tilt are adjustable according to the latitude of installation for maximum solar energy gain.

The walls have a massive isolation for a high living comfort and the lowest energy use for internal climate control.

The global power draw can be produced by a solar system connected to a battery bank and a back-up generator (gas or diesel) in case of off-grid configurations.


Many different internal layouts are available according to the building’s use – internal panels are fixed in built-in stud in the floor for easy changes during the building’s life.

The project was specifically addressed to quality building developments by a market-leading contruction company in Italy.

The concept can be applied to meet high-end consumers, still keeping a very low-cost pricing for the building’s structure. We would be happy to give more infos, please contact us here.

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