Reducing Demand Power the new frontier for Energy Storage

demand-storageWhen looking at the bills, people have always been focusing their attention at the reduction of the energy part, the consumption ($/kWh).

But peak power charges applied by utilities ($/kW) gave been rising by by 10+% per year over the past 5 years in the US, according to an analysis by Green Charges Network. And now it accounts for up to 50% of the bill, especially for commercial customers with high peak-hour power demand.

In that case, a storage unit might serve non just as a mean to consume peak-hours the energy that you collected at off-peak time (over the grid or from own wind or solar plants), but also to shave off the demand peaks. This way you can reduce the > 15 min peaks above the service power you have contracted – which are very expensively charged by utilities – and reduce the contracted service power altogether.

Green Charges Network  claim they can even out the peaks, thus shaving a large part of those demand-charges from the bill, by coupling batteries with a smart controller fitted with stochastic data-mining sw application. They are able to offer the system on a service contract base to eliminate the upfront cost burden and to deliver pay-for-performance on demand reduction. The claim seemed convincing enough for receiving a grant from TIP Capital, an energy efficiency financing provider.

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