SolarCity DemandLogic | Is there any better way to show the benefit of batteries+photovoltaic system?

solarcity demandlogicSolar City program DemandLogic is campaigning the offer of free storage systems connected to residential solar plants to even the energy draw with the solar production, thus maximising the energy self-consumption. The program hits the base in tackling the uneven price increase for energy prices in the US for the last 15 years. The SolarCity program offers no upfront costs for the batteries, which account for the larger cost for storage systems (it doesn’t say about the battery chargers and system controller yet). The provider would charge the customer with a lease for 10 years. The customer benefits [1] from the reduced bill costs, [2] the reduced share of future tariff increases, and [3] the side-benefit of power-outages security. We would also add to that the saving of UPSs now almost all residential customers need to protect the expensive electronics we have at home.

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