Bolivia plans first megawatt-scale PV plant | Hybrid solution in parallel with generators

Evo Morales, president of Bolivia, photographed at UN climate talks in 2009. Image: wikimedia User: Simon Wedege.

The Bolivian government has announced that US$11 million will be invested to build the country’s first megawatt-scale solar power station. The solar park, which will have a generation capacity of between four and five megawatts, will be built in the Department of Pando, on the border with neighbouring Brazil.

The new installation will be built with the aim of reducing diesel consumption in the department. Full news here >>

The plant will operate in parallel with the diesel generators to ensure a back-up source and increase the electricity coverage of the area to the average national 85% from 65%.

Comment: hybrid projects like this one show how important hybrid systems are going to be in the energy generation scenario in South America areas currently served by diesel or gas-fired power stations. The saving in fuel and maintenance costs allow for a pay-back time about 3-4 years – depending on the local irradiation.

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