ONEBUILDING – An energy-self-generating building with no connections to the power grids

SF01_vista dall'alto_overviewA group of professionals with a background of architectural design and renewable energy joined party to plan a typical home building designed as a standalone unit. The building is not connected to the gas and the power grid.
The power for heating, cooling, cooking and living the house is at large self-generated from renewable energy. A co-generator for thermal and electrical power from locally available sources (LNG, biomass, biogas) provides a back-up source to maintain the energy source during unfavourable weather conditions.
The drop of the prices of solar panels and storage facilities has staged the self-generating building competitive with traditional buildings tied power grids, on a LCOE-base. That’s even more true when considering the up-warding energy price trend for the coming years.
Our mission is to provide customers with state-of-the-art design and competences: planning and cost analysis, detailed design, purchasing management, construction management.
Our curriculum can be found >> here.

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